Berg: Lulu 1 year warranty $24 Berg: Lulu Movies TV Musicals Performing Arts Berg: Lulu 1 year warranty $24,/ballroom1360992.html,Berg:,Movies TV , Musicals Performing Arts,,Lulu $24,/ballroom1360992.html,Berg:,Movies TV , Musicals Performing Arts,,Lulu $24 Berg: Lulu Movies TV Musicals Performing Arts

Berg: Lulu 1 year Challenge the lowest price warranty

Berg: Lulu


Berg: Lulu

Editorial Reviews

Patricia Petibon is Lulu to the life. She sings Berg s taxing music with easy, tonal beauty; the roles numerousacuti pose no problem. As The Weekend Australian observed: Her top register, in particular, has a rich, luminous quality ... that she exploits to great effect

Lulu is opera s rawest exposition of the fatal risks of untamed erotic power. No man who meets Lulu does not want her - but, like the wind, she cannot be possessed. As happens to the heroine herself, the men who attempt to subdue her, and the one woman who also adores her, are destroyed by the flip side of the life force that pours through Lulu: death

This is one of the most remarkable productions of the 21st century matched by the remarkable Patricia Petibon. Acclaim for this Lulu: Using her light, supple voice like a musical instrument, Petibon slithers into each successive skin with which Olivier Py sheathes this timeless mythic character (Le Figaro). The French director presents a terrifying tragedy, with a colorful human circus ... Petibon has the right degree of sensuality and a highly charged style... (Opera)

This live DVD of the Liceu s 2010 hit production by Olivier Py also stars Franz Grundheber and Julia Juon. Michael Boder s conducting brings out the sensuality and psychological disequilibrium of Berg s 12-tone score

Berg: Lulu


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