Set,/ballroom1106492.html,,Tupperware,Skimmer,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,and,$28,Ladle Tupperware Ladle and Max 73% OFF Set Skimmer Set,/ballroom1106492.html,,Tupperware,Skimmer,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,and,$28,Ladle Tupperware Ladle and Max 73% OFF Set Skimmer $28 Tupperware Ladle and Skimmer Set Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $28 Tupperware Ladle and Skimmer Set Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Tupperware Ladle and Max 73% OFF Easy-to-use Set Skimmer

Tupperware Ladle and Skimmer Set


Tupperware Ladle and Skimmer Set

Product description

Make homemade soup or stock like a pro with this set of two essential kitchen tools. Skimmer scoops off fat from the surface during cooking while ladle makes an easy job of portion control. color: cool aqua/chili/jet black.

Tupperware Ladle and Skimmer Set


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