$28,Mobile,Okuyonic,Light,Light,Phone,Fill,Ring,Phot,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,avon-city.ru,Beautifying,for,/allochroite1468212.html Popular standard Okuyonic Fill Light Ring Beautifying Phot Phone Mobile for $28,Mobile,Okuyonic,Light,Light,Phone,Fill,Ring,Phot,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,avon-city.ru,Beautifying,for,/allochroite1468212.html $28 Okuyonic Fill Light Ring Beautifying Light for Mobile Phone Phot Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $28 Okuyonic Fill Light Ring Beautifying Light for Mobile Phone Phot Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Popular standard Okuyonic Fill Light Ring Beautifying Phot Phone Mobile for

Popular Gifts standard Okuyonic Fill Light Ring Beautifying Phot Phone Mobile for

Okuyonic Fill Light Ring Beautifying Light for Mobile Phone Phot


Okuyonic Fill Light Ring Beautifying Light for Mobile Phone Phot

Product description

Color:Pink Cat


1. Soft light lamp using imported pervious PC material, soft light not dazzling.
2. USB - DC interface circuit interface can be fast blind plug, and pull a variety of connection options for you to choose.
3. The metal universal phone stand supports vertical and horizontal shooting by adjusting any angle.
4. Suitable for scene lighting/makeup/scene lighting/photography lighting.
5. There are 3 different types available, easy to get what you like.


Condition:100% Brand New

Item Type: Led Ring Light

Okuyonic Fill Light Ring Beautifying Light for Mobile Phone Phot

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