avon-city.ru,Ouch,Smart,Waterproof,Watch,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Smartwatch,Fitness,/allochroite1467912.html,Full,Screen,$54,QFSLR QFSLR Smart Watch Waterproof Smartwatch Full Fitness Screen Product Ouch QFSLR Smart Watch Waterproof Smartwatch Full Fitness Screen Product Ouch $54 QFSLR Smart Watch Waterproof Smartwatch Full Ouch Screen Fitness Electronics Wearable Technology $54 QFSLR Smart Watch Waterproof Smartwatch Full Ouch Screen Fitness Electronics Wearable Technology avon-city.ru,Ouch,Smart,Waterproof,Watch,Electronics , Wearable Technology,Smartwatch,Fitness,/allochroite1467912.html,Full,Screen,$54,QFSLR

QFSLR Smart Time sale Watch Waterproof Smartwatch Full Fitness Screen Product Ouch

QFSLR Smart Watch Waterproof Smartwatch Full Ouch Screen Fitness


QFSLR Smart Watch Waterproof Smartwatch Full Ouch Screen Fitness

Product description

♥ Main body:
Face shell : Zinc alloy
Bottom shell : ABS+PC
♥ Compatibility:
♥ Display: Size 1.28 inch color
180 mAh Li-pol battery
Smart Mode: About 3-5 days
♥ Waterproof rating: IP67 Waterproof
standby for 15 days
♥ Support languages:
Chinese /English (APP) Synchronize multiple languages

★ Features:
● SpO2
● Blood Pressure
● Heart rate
● Sleep monitoring
● Sedentary reminder
● Calories
● Pedometer

Package List:
* 1 x Smart Watch
* 1 x USB cable
* 1 x User Manual

QFSLR Smart Watch Waterproof Smartwatch Full Ouch Screen Fitness

Download Mobile Application
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