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Emoshayoga excellence Cash special price UHF Audio Transmitter Hi-Fi Transceiver

Emoshayoga UHF Audio Transmitter, Hi-Fi Audio Transceiver Audio


Emoshayoga UHF Audio Transmitter, Hi-Fi Audio Transceiver Audio

Product description

1. Easy to use, just plug and play, no driver/software installation required.
2. Strong anti-interference ability, strong co-existence, can go through the wall.
3. Ultra-low latency real-time digital coding technology, 16 channels, with memory function.
4. Long distance, it can up to 200m/656.2ft wireless free transmissions.
5. Wireless application audio equipment can be used for home entertainment and commercial activities.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Hi-Fi Wireless Audio TransceiverFrequency Range: 675MHz - 720MHz
Transmission Power: Xq-007 ≥15 Dbm
Receiving Sensitivity: -95dbm
Audio Frequency Response: 20HZ -- 20KHz
SNR: 90k@20Hz-20KHz
Sampling Rate: 48KHz
Transmission Delay: Less Than 3ms
Large Transmission Distance: XQ-007≥100m(outdoor Open Area)
Operating Voltage: 5V
Transmitter Working Current: XQ-007 120mA
Receiver Operating Current: 90mA

Package List:
1x Audio Receiver1x Audio Transmitter
2x USB Cable
2x Power Plug

Emoshayoga UHF Audio Transmitter, Hi-Fi Audio Transceiver Audio

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