ROGMARS Industrial Pipe Floating Bathroom Shelves Rustic Wood La Charlotte Mall Bathroom,$49,Floating,Pipe,Shelves,La,Wood,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,,Rustic,Industrial,/Lepisma1176879.html,ROGMARS ROGMARS Industrial Pipe Floating Bathroom Shelves Rustic Wood La Charlotte Mall $49 ROGMARS Industrial Pipe Floating Bathroom Shelves Rustic Wood La Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Bathroom,$49,Floating,Pipe,Shelves,La,Wood,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,,Rustic,Industrial,/Lepisma1176879.html,ROGMARS $49 ROGMARS Industrial Pipe Floating Bathroom Shelves Rustic Wood La Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

ROGMARS National products Industrial Pipe Floating Bathroom Shelves Rustic Wood La Charlotte Mall

ROGMARS Industrial Pipe Floating Bathroom Shelves Rustic Wood La


ROGMARS Industrial Pipe Floating Bathroom Shelves Rustic Wood La

Product Description

Industrial 5 tier 15 inch narrow tall pipe shelves wall mounted

5 tier

This Rogmars industrial ladder pipe shelves designed with a special structure which is available for two person to setup within thirty minutes.

Applicable sites: If you only want the shelving unit to attach to the wall ,instead of the ceiling,Then our shelves will be the best choice for you to DIY bathroom,farmhouse ,living room,office,kitchen!

It provides spacious storage and retro decor to keep your home or office clean while adding a rustic vintage style; Each purchase will include all of the parts needed (pipes and fittings) to complete this unique open pipe shelf system.all parts are smooth and sturdy,protecting you from scratch.Durable,compact amp; practical.

ROGMARS TIPS : Don't be suprised if the plates point in different directions. Simply turn the plates back to the desired position by placing them on the wall . The stability comes after screwing onto the wall ! Any more questions ,pls do not hesitate to send us message from Amazon service system !

ROGMARS Industrial Pipe Floating Bathroom Shelves Rustic Wood La

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