$29 SALALIS Mini Kids Camera, 720P HD Kids Digital Camer,3 inch Touc Electronics Camera Photo Kids,Electronics , Camera Photo,Kids,avon-city.ru,/Lepisma1176779.html,720P,Camer,3,inch,$29,Touc,HD,Mini,SALALIS,Digital,Camera, $29 SALALIS Mini Kids Camera, 720P HD Kids Digital Camer,3 inch Touc Electronics Camera Photo SALALIS Mini Kids Camera 720P HD Touc Digital Colorado Springs Mall 3 Camer inch Kids,Electronics , Camera Photo,Kids,avon-city.ru,/Lepisma1176779.html,720P,Camer,3,inch,$29,Touc,HD,Mini,SALALIS,Digital,Camera, SALALIS Mini Kids Camera 720P HD Touc Digital Colorado Springs Mall 3 Camer inch

SALALIS Mini Kids Camera 720P HD Touc Digital Colorado Springs Mall 3 Camer Financial sales sale inch

SALALIS Mini Kids Camera, 720P HD Kids Digital Camer,3 inch Touc


SALALIS Mini Kids Camera, 720P HD Kids Digital Camer,3 inch Touc

Product description



1. 3 inch touch screen, easy to operate and view, great for children using.
2. Front flash light to increase the eye light, fill light assist shooting.
3. Front and rear cameras are more convenient to shoot.
4. Built-in speaker and microphone, can be recorded sounds.
5. Silicone case protects the camera effectively and make appearance looks more beautiful and cute.


Item type:

SALALIS Mini Kids Camera, 720P HD Kids Digital Camer,3 inch Touc

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