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Low price MOES Smart Max 87% OFF WiFi Digital Controller Thermostat Outlet Temperature

MOES Smart WiFi Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat Outlet


MOES Smart WiFi Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat Outlet

Product Description

Temperature Controller

Moes smart temperature control adopts advanced intelligent temperature control technology, with LCP display, real-time temperature display, high temperature measurement accuracy of the probe, and wide applicability. It can be used for home brewing, breeding, planting, animal incubation, etc. aspect.

Temperature Controller
Temperature Controller

APP Remote Control

Control your thermostat from anywhere

Temperature Controller

Smart Alert Notification

Smart Alert Notification with 7 Days Data Storage

Temperature Controller

Wide Temperature Control Range

The temperature Control Range:-50~110℃/-58~230°F

Temperature Probe Range :-30~105℃/-22~221°F

Temperature Controller


Only supports 2.4G WiFi network


Does it work with Smart Life

Yes,Smart Life APP (Android 4.4/IOS 8.0 or above)

Can this item control both humidity and temperature at the same time?

It only control the temperature, not the humidity.


No,it can only connect via 2.4G network.

Can the temperature probe be directly put into the water?

Yes the temperature probe can be directly put into the water

Does this device need to purchase any separate HUB to support it?

NO, it does not need any hub.

MOES Smart WiFi Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat Outlet

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