$28,E-Coat,Automotive , Car Care,avon-city.ru,Car,Ceramic,Professional,Concentrated,/Lepisma1035979.html,S,Level,Spray,Drive $28 Drive E-Coat Ceramic Spray Professional Level Concentrated Car S Automotive Car Care Drive E-Coat Ceramic Spray Professional Level Concentrated depot Car S $28,E-Coat,Automotive , Car Care,avon-city.ru,Car,Ceramic,Professional,Concentrated,/Lepisma1035979.html,S,Level,Spray,Drive $28 Drive E-Coat Ceramic Spray Professional Level Concentrated Car S Automotive Car Care Drive E-Coat Ceramic Spray Professional Level Concentrated depot Car S

Drive E-Coat A surprise price is realized Ceramic Spray Professional Level Concentrated depot Car S

Drive E-Coat Ceramic Spray Professional Level Concentrated Car S


Drive E-Coat Ceramic Spray Professional Level Concentrated Car S

Product description

Product Features: Increase surface hardness to 7H for superior scratch and stain resistance. Combines Silica Dioxide (SiO2) and Synthetic Gloss Enhancers perfectly. Product application takes only minutes with no technical training and anyone can do it at home. Enhances the gloss of ALL car surfaces! Safe for use on paint, chrome, wheels, plastic, vinyl, aluminum, brass and much more! Makes the paint more smooth and creates a water-repellent surface. Cuts your maintenance washing and drying time in half! Treated surfaces are super slick so dust, dirt, stains and water don't stick to the surface. Drive E-Coat is ultra resistant to water spotting! The durability can last about 1-2 Years Application Instructions: Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle exterior. If necessary perform any surface decontamination (Clay Bar, Water Spot Removal, Iron Deposit Removal etc.) If necessary Polish the paint to remove minor scratches, swirls or defects and to restore cut and clarity to paint. Prep exterior surface with DETOX Surface Prep Spray. (2) Premium Microfiber Towels amp; (1) Microfiber Applicator Sponge are required to apply. For base application method - Apply 2-3 sprays of DRIVE E-COAT onto the applicator pad. Wipe the product onto the surface evenly and thinly in a cross-hatch motion. (For best results break large panels i.e. hoods, roofs, doors, into equal parts and apply product in sections.) Allow product to cure on surface for 2-3 minutes based on ambient temperature amp; humidity. Using the DRY Microfiber Towel gently yet rapidly buff the area you just applied till it is dry. Repeat Steps 5-8 until you have worked your way around the entire vehicle. Product can be layered for extra depth, gloss and protection. Wait 1 -hour between applications. When adding additional layers only apply coating onto the applicator pad and apply in same cross-hatch pattern as before. Allow treated surfaces to dry for 24 hours before being exposed to rain, sprinklers or tree sap.

Drive E-Coat Ceramic Spray Professional Level Concentrated Car S

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