Watch,Watch,Bracelet,IP68,Waterproof,,Smart,$70,Q998,Smart,Electronics , Wearable Technology,/Germanification1360746.html,DanDre,4G $70 DanDre 4G Smart Watch Q998 Smart Bracelet IP68 Waterproof Watch Electronics Wearable Technology Watch,Watch,Bracelet,IP68,Waterproof,,Smart,$70,Q998,Smart,Electronics , Wearable Technology,/Germanification1360746.html,DanDre,4G $70 DanDre 4G Smart Watch Q998 Smart Bracelet IP68 Waterproof Watch Electronics Wearable Technology DanDre 4G Smart Online limited product Watch Bracelet IP68 Q998 Waterproof DanDre 4G Smart Online limited product Watch Bracelet IP68 Q998 Waterproof

DanDre 4G Genuine Smart Online limited product Watch Bracelet IP68 Q998 Waterproof

DanDre 4G Smart Watch Q998 Smart Bracelet IP68 Waterproof Watch


DanDre 4G Smart Watch Q998 Smart Bracelet IP68 Waterproof Watch

Product description


Watch Type: 4G Smart Watch
Main Screen Size: 1.28 Resolution Round Screen about 240*240
Color: Black, Camouflage Green
Touch Screen: Capacitive
Network Type: Single SIM Card
Network Mode: Suitable for GSM/WCDMA/TDS-CDMA/LTE
Support Frequency Band: Applicable for GSM Dual Frequency (900/1800) + WCDMA Dual Frequency (900/2100) + Fddlte (Band1/3/5/8) + Tddlte (Band38/39/40/41)
Button Type: 2 Physical Buttons
Body Color: Black/Denim/Camouflage
Watch Size: about 55.6*54.1*18.3mm/2.19*2.13*0.72inch
Watch Weight: about 65g
Hardware Parameters CPU Model: sl8521e
DDR3: 512MB
SIM Card Type: (Nano SIM) Small Card
Battery Type: Built-in
Battery Capacity: 600 mA
Charging Method: Magnetic Charging
Basic Functions:
Dialing, Contacts, Information, Camera, Alarm Clock, Step Counting.
Three Sports Modes: Running, Swimming and Basketball.
SOS Setting: One-key Emergency Call, Bluetooth

Packing List:
Charging Cable*1
Introduction Manual*1

Due to the lighting effects and shooting angles, there is color difference in the product, please understand.
Due to manual measurement, there is tolerance in the product

DanDre 4G Smart Watch Q998 Smart Bracelet IP68 Waterproof Watch

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