$100 HFDGDFK Adjustable HD 3D Smartphone Screen Amplifier 12 Inches F Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Adjustable,Inches,12,$100,3D,Amplifier,avon-city.ru,HD,F,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,/Germanification1301746.html,Smartphone,HFDGDFK,Screen $100 HFDGDFK Adjustable HD 3D Smartphone Screen Amplifier 12 Inches F Cell Phones Accessories Accessories HFDGDFK SALENEW very popular! Adjustable HD 3D Smartphone Amplifier Screen F Inches 12 Adjustable,Inches,12,$100,3D,Amplifier,avon-city.ru,HD,F,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,/Germanification1301746.html,Smartphone,HFDGDFK,Screen HFDGDFK SALENEW very popular! Adjustable HD 3D Smartphone Amplifier Screen F Inches 12

HFDGDFK SALENEW very popular Adjustable HD 3D 4 years warranty Smartphone Amplifier Screen F Inches 12

HFDGDFK Adjustable HD 3D Smartphone Screen Amplifier 12 Inches F


HFDGDFK Adjustable HD 3D Smartphone Screen Amplifier 12 Inches F

Product description


The screen amplifier can be used with all smartphone。
The screen amplifier can help relieve eyes fatigue. And the screen amplified is anti-UV.
Optical technology can enlarge the picture of the mobile phone by multiple times. And the picture is clear.
There is a silicone pad on the phone holder that can prevent the phone from slipping. This 3D high-definition mobile phone screen magnifier will bring you a good visual experience
The screen amplifier is lightweight and easily carried. At the same time, the mobile phone magnifier is made of ABS. Thus, it has strong pressure resistance and toughness.
The best gift for the elderly, family
Product parameters:
Material: plastic
Color: black, red, white
Dimensions (length x width x height): about 223 x 165 x 10mm
Packing list:
--1*mobile phone screen magnifying glass(Excluding mobile phones and other props)
Retractable Head-mounted Watch Maintenance Magnifying Glasses Double Eyes

HFDGDFK Adjustable HD 3D Smartphone Screen Amplifier 12 Inches F

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