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DSWHM Safe Reliable Smart Coffee Warmer Mug Philadelphia Mall Desk Wa for Special sale item

DSWHM Safe Reliable Smart Coffee Warmer for Desk,Coffee Mug Wa


DSWHM Safe Reliable Smart Coffee Warmer for Desk,Coffee Mug Wa

Product description


Coffee mug warmer it is convenient and portable which means it can be brought anywhere when needed. This is a great gift for someone who loves to drink coffee or tea and likes to keep it warm for long periods of time. For us, bringing a rich coffee experience for you is our top priority

3 gears temperature adjustable
By touching the button on the right side of the switch, the temperature will be adjusted from 131℉ to 167℉. Adjust the temperature from 167℉ to 131℉ by touching the button on the left side of the switch.

Waterproof Design
With waterproof function, it is safe to spill water on the surface of the cup warmer, so you can use it safely and securely.
Note: metal waterproof panel for security concern from occasional spill.

Fit for Flat Bottom Cups
Our cup warmers can all be used in all ceramic, glass and stainless steel containers, but thin wall flat bottom mugs are the most suitable.
However, the bottom of the cup is concave, heat insulation cups, plastic bottles, and the bottom is not very thick.
Automatic Shut Off
8H Auto Shut OFF function prevents any possible safety hazard caused by forgetting to shut down.

Ideal Gift for Coming Christmas
It is fashionable at any place, such as at work or at home.Also an ideal gift for friends, lovers, or parents in coming Christmas.

Power: 20W
Size: 124×124×26mm
Weight: 280g

Package contains
1* Coffee mug warmer

Thank you for your support to our shop, if you have any questions, please let us know in time, we will solve the problem for you within 24 hours.

DSWHM Safe Reliable Smart Coffee Warmer for Desk,Coffee Mug Wa

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