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PRASARA. Year-end 2021 model gift Instructional Series 'A' Flows

PRASARA. Instructional Series 'A' Flows


PRASARA. Instructional Series 'A' Flows

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Prasara (Sanskrit for Flow without Thought) is one of the three approaches of hatha yoga: Where Asana improves structural integrity and Vinyasa links efficient breathing, Prasara teaches transitional movement. Learning to use these three approaches effectively will catapult your yoga practice into entirely new realms. Join Scott Sonnon, multiple-time USA National Martial Arts (Sambo) Coach and Champion and the man responsible for introducing the Prasara approach to the West, as he walks you through the transitional movements, breath integration and structural alignment of the Series A Flows. The five workouts presented in this DVD provide high intensity, low impact, total-body cardio, strength training, dynamic flexibility and mental focus techniques in one complete package. Create lean, supple muscle without needless bulk! FLOCK OF PIGEONS: hip opener, knee and ankle strengthener DIVING DOLPHIN: hamstring and lumbar release, shoulder and neck opener SPIDER MONKEY: chest, shoulders, arms and upper back strengthener


This revolutionary new movement incorporates both traditional yoga postures and Vinyasa (meaning 'to place in a special way' and refers to consciously synchronizing breath with movement and structure.) Coach Sonnon presents a phenomenal key to body, mind, and spirit: the Breath Mastery Scale. Both experienced students and newcomers will learn to control breath and motion with exquisite precision, opening the door to improvement in athletic performance, physical and mental health, and the progressive realization of our true spiritual state of being. Prasara extends beyond conscious movement practice, for it intends to create 'Flow without Thought'; Once the student reclaims flow within the Prasara chains, he or she becomes an intuitive, improvisational physical artist. These chains can be performed for health, fitness, the sheer bliss of creative physical practice or for exploring, targeting and releasing ongoing, daily residual fear, trauma and anxiety. Prasara opens the door to yoga for the athlete, athleticism for the yogi, and the full human birthright of exuberant aliveness to anyone willing to begin, and sustain the journey. Prasara flows may be performed as singular practice sessions, or divided to concentrate upon form in the static component poses, or asana. No matter the current skill or fitness level, there are steps small enough to begin the path. If you can stand, sit, and walk, you can begin Prasara. Although complete, in itself, Prasara is perfectly complemented by BKS Iyengar's classic yoga text Light on Yoga and Coach Sonnon's own work: Body-Flow Biomechanical Exercise. Yoga. Martial Arts. The ecstatic athlete within all of us, revealed at last. The promise, made flesh. Prasara. The time has come. --Steven Barnes, National Best Selling Author and Screen Writer, Yogi and Martial Artist

Today, having eagerly awaited , I received Coach Sonnon's newest DVD, Prasara Instructional Series 'A' Flows. I must say that he and RMAX have done an outstanding job with this video. The amount of detailed instruction is exemplary. Every flow is broken down into their most basic movements. I think of a bicycle chain and how every single link is paramount for the bike to work. The same goes with this instructional DVD. I have done all the flows of Prasara in the past, but now I feel that I can go out and nail it, to 'Wow' onlookers who've never seen Prasara Yoga in its most artful flow. I am deeply impressed Mr. Sonnon. To you, I give a thank you. --Kevin Lee Dougherty

Prasara is the most effective dynamic programs I have come upon. It is the missing link to dynamically loosen yet strengthen the body as a functional unit. Relaxing yet challenging at the same time, the task of performing these flow chains seamlessly and gracefully as they were meant tests both the mind and the body. As an athlete, Prasara is an essential tool for maintaining my strength in flexibility giving me the edge and preventing injury in the many positions I may find myself while grappling and throwing. Prasara and Clubbell® Training together form the ultimate tool for a healthy, top of the line warrior in this day where martial artist are so diverse in their training that only the strong survive. --Reinaldo Novoa Jr., National Judo Team Coach, Trinidad and Tobago

PRASARA. Instructional Series 'A' Flows

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