Portable Projector Android Wireless Popular brand in the world Man Built-in WiFi Speaker $111 Portable Projector, Android Wireless WiFi, Built-in Speaker, Man Electronics Video Projectors /Cheyenne1301742.html,Built-in,Portable,avon-city.ru,WiFi,,Android,$111,Wireless,Man,Projector,,Electronics , Video Projectors,Speaker, $111 Portable Projector, Android Wireless WiFi, Built-in Speaker, Man Electronics Video Projectors /Cheyenne1301742.html,Built-in,Portable,avon-city.ru,WiFi,,Android,$111,Wireless,Man,Projector,,Electronics , Video Projectors,Speaker, Portable Projector Android Wireless Popular brand in the world Man Built-in WiFi Speaker

Portable Projector Android Wireless depot Popular brand in the world Man Built-in WiFi Speaker

Portable Projector, Android Wireless WiFi, Built-in Speaker, Man


Portable Projector, Android Wireless WiFi, Built-in Speaker, Man

Product description

Projection Technology: 3.5 "LCD
Lamp Type: LED
Brightness(ANSI): 100ANSI Lumens
LED light source brightness: 8000 lumens
Native Resolution: 855*480
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1,
Lamp Life (Hours): 30,000h
Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9
Color: Black/White
Projection Distance (m): 1.2 ~ 6m
System: Android6.0 2G+16G WIFI(2.4G 5G)
Lens: Manual focus
OSD Languages: "English,French,German,Spanish, Italian,Portuguese,Russian,Polish,Arabic, Chinese,Turkish,Japanese,Thai,Vietnamese, Dutch,Hungarian,Czech,Romanian,Greek, Finnish,Swedish,Norwegian,Danish..."
Projection Screen Size (inch): 50-180
Input Voltage(V): 110V-240V(±10%),50-60Hz
Power Consumption (W): 55W
Speakers Included: 1*5W Speaker
Standard Accessory: User Manual ,Power cord,Remote control, H-D-MI cable, A-V cable
Usage Field: Home theater and entertainmnet
product weight 1.2KG
Unit packing (G.W.) 1.67KG
Product dimension 13cm*12cm*15cm
Unit packing: (L*W*H) 17cm**17cm*23.7cm

Portable Projector, Android Wireless WiFi, Built-in Speaker, Man

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