Qric Mini Small Refrigerator Portable R Thermal 5 ☆ very popular car Box Mini,R,Small,/Cheyenne1301642.html,Box,Thermal,Portable,$308,Qric,avon-city.ru,Refrigerator,Mini,car,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,car $308 Qric Mini Small Refrigerator Portable car Thermal Box car Mini R Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Mini,R,Small,/Cheyenne1301642.html,Box,Thermal,Portable,$308,Qric,avon-city.ru,Refrigerator,Mini,car,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,car $308 Qric Mini Small Refrigerator Portable car Thermal Box car Mini R Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Qric Mini Small Refrigerator Portable R Thermal 5 ☆ very popular car Box

Qric Mini Small Refrigerator Portable R Thermal 5 ☆ very popular car Box Lowest price challenge

Qric Mini Small Refrigerator Portable car Thermal Box car Mini R


Qric Mini Small Refrigerator Portable car Thermal Box car Mini R

Product description

Product Name: MINI small refrigerator
Type: Semiconductor Car Refrigerator
Applicable model: car universal
Weight: 2.2 (kg)
Material: ABS
Volume: 6-10L (L)
Power supply voltage: 12 (V)
Power: 48 (W)
Minimum cooling temperature: 5 (° C)
Ultimate heating temperature: 65 (° C)

Qric Mini Small Refrigerator Portable car Thermal Box car Mini R

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