$25 Bearn Song and Polyphony CDs Vinyl International Music $25 Bearn Song and Polyphony CDs Vinyl International Music Bearn Max 90% OFF Song Polyphony and $25,Bearn,Polyphony,CDs Vinyl , International Music,avon-city.ru,and,Song,/Cheyenne1178642.html $25,Bearn,Polyphony,CDs Vinyl , International Music,avon-city.ru,and,Song,/Cheyenne1178642.html Bearn Max 90% OFF Song Polyphony and

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Bearn Song and Polyphony


Bearn Song and Polyphony

Editorial Reviews

Songs from Bearn and Gascogne, sung a cappella . This double CD was recorded live in the small village churches of Barn region, in rural silence. CD1 is devoted to the concert of La Novem, while CD2 presents exchanges with traditional Barn singers.

Bearn Song and Polyphony

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