$28 Allegro 20-30 mmHg Surgical 203/206 Pantyhose Open Toe Medical C Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment C,Medical,/Cheyenne1176842.html,Pantyhose,$28,mmHg,Allegro,Open,203/206,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,20-30,Surgical,avon-city.ru,Toe Allegro 20-30 mmHg Surgical 203 206 Toe Ranking TOP4 Medical Pantyhose Open C Allegro 20-30 mmHg Surgical 203 206 Toe Ranking TOP4 Medical Pantyhose Open C $28 Allegro 20-30 mmHg Surgical 203/206 Pantyhose Open Toe Medical C Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment C,Medical,/Cheyenne1176842.html,Pantyhose,$28,mmHg,Allegro,Open,203/206,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,20-30,Surgical,avon-city.ru,Toe

Allegro 20-30 mmHg Surgical 203 206 Toe Ranking Max 61% OFF TOP4 Medical Pantyhose Open C

Allegro 20-30 mmHg Surgical 203/206 Pantyhose Open Toe Medical C


Allegro 20-30 mmHg Surgical 203/206 Pantyhose Open Toe Medical C

Product description

About Allegro:Made in the USA, ALLEGRO COMPRESSION HOSIERY costs up to 65% less than the premium brands while providing the same levels of compression as the more famous brands. Allegro is like driving a Prius instead of a Porsch; not as many bells and whistles, but you get where you're going and feel great about it.

High customer ratings - Allegro has excellent customer ratings and high satisfaction, even compared against brands that cost two or three times more.

Saves you money - we buy Allegro compression stockings and socks direct from the manufacturer and use simple packaging to keep the cost as low as possible.

Huge selection - Allegro is available in a full range of compressions and fabrics.

Made in USA - USA Allegro is made in North Carolina, with the exception of the Italian Collection.

Choose from a variety of different sizes, lengths, colors, fabrics, styles and compression levels. Allegro carries casual and dress compression, pantyhose, athletic socks, armsleeves and more. All Allegro stockings are sold in pairs. Armsleeves and gauntlets are sold individually.

All products provide thoroughly tested graduated compression to effectively treat many vascular conditions. The Allegro value line has tons of options that save you money and help you feel look and feel your best.

From the brand

A Small Business Growing On Its Reputation For Service

Our story

How we got our start?
Allegro was launched in 1999 when our founders realized there were no high-quality, American-made, affordable compression socks available to consumers. We use simple packaging to keep costs low so that our customers are able to afford as many socks and stockings as they need.
What makes our product unique?
Allegro has a wide selection of fabrics, colors and styles so that you are able to wear compression hosiery that is comfortable and attractive, without breaking the bank.
Why we love what we do?
We’re passionate about healthy legs and healthy living! It shouldn’t be a financial burden to wear comfortable medical compression. We love that we can provide an affordable product that can make you feel considerably better.

Allegro 20-30 mmHg Surgical 203/206 Pantyhose Open Toe Medical C

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