Two Cups Sterling Silver Moon Phase • Tampa Mall Necklace L Ouroboros Charm Two Cups Sterling Silver Moon Phase • Tampa Mall Necklace L Ouroboros Charm Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$31,•,Phase,Cups,/Cheyenne1079042.html,Sterling,Two,Necklace,Silver,,Charm,Moon,L,Ouroboros $31 Two Cups Sterling Silver Moon Phase Ouroboros Charm Necklace • L Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$31,•,Phase,Cups,/Cheyenne1079042.html,Sterling,Two,Necklace,Silver,,Charm,Moon,L,Ouroboros $31 Two Cups Sterling Silver Moon Phase Ouroboros Charm Necklace • L Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Two Cups Sterling Silver Moon Phase • Tampa Mall Necklace L Austin Mall Ouroboros Charm

Two Cups Sterling Silver Moon Phase Ouroboros Charm Necklace • L


Two Cups Sterling Silver Moon Phase Ouroboros Charm Necklace • L

Product description

In this sterling silver talisman charm, we married two compelling images - the ouroboros with moon phases. Both speak to the dominance of cycles in human lives. The phases of the moon effect our monthly cycles, emotional flows, and controls the ocean's tides. And, the ouroboros - the serpent eating its own tail - speaks to the cyclic nature of the universe; that creation begins after destruction, and life springs forth from death. It is humanity's never ending story, and our place within it. A powerful symbol of endless return, the ouroboros gives us all hope. Carry this powerful charm in your jewelry collection as a reminder that life is a never ending story. Find more powerful symbols in out Talisman Collection.

Two Cups Sterling Silver Moon Phase Ouroboros Charm Necklace • L

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